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  • Asaf Halperin

    Associate & Executive Director

    I am a seasoned Financial Advisor with over ten years of industry experience. I was born in Israel and have lived in Canada since 1989 and am no stranger to transitioning cultures and economic climates — a change that tests people to find security and stability above all else.

    In the early 1990’s, I saw my parents lose all of their savings by trusting the wrong people, which forever changed my perspective on investment security and inspired me to become the trustworthy financial advisor that my parents never had. Over the years, I’ve worked for different financial groups and gained insight into a wide variety of investment models and the unique advantages that they offer. I’ve had the honor of helping people who’ve entrusted me with their future and relied on my counsel to build unshakable stability and prosperity for themselves as well as their families.

    Today, I specialize in Life Insurance, Living Benefits, Retirement Savings and Wealth Transfer. I understand the above are equal parts lifestyle and strategy, whereby we find balance in between and someday see these parallels unite as one. My goal is always to understand your goals, to visualize your ideal outcome and propose a vehicle that gets you there and a little further.

    My commitment to my clients is one of the crowning achievements, as it has given my family security just as I wish to be the source of yours. My concern over your future is founded on personal responsibility and stewardship, and I look forward to getting to know you and helping you plan your most optimistic goals.

    Asaf Halperin

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