Top 10 Reasons To Having A Will

By: Asaf Halperin

A will is a legally-binding document that protects the interests of your family and assets after your passing and allows you to dictate the terms of your estate.

The most important reasons to have a Will are:

  1. You decide what happens to your estate and to whom and in which way it is distributed.  
  1. Unless you have a Will, the care of your minor children will be left to the decision of the courts.
  1. Passing away without a Will leaves your estate in the hands of the probate courts, which causes additional processing delays for your family.
  1. Your family receives tax deductions on your estate. Anything that has been passed on to your family or to charity is tax-deductible from your estate.
  1. You appoint your estate executor. An executor will be responsible for concluding your affairs after your passing.
  1. You can decide to disinherit individuals from your estate. . A Will is the only way to ensure that your assets do not pass on against your wishes.
  1. Without a Will, your intentions to make a donation after passing are not legally-bound. A Will allows you to donate some or all of your assets to a beneficiary of your choice.
  1. Avoid legal complications for your family that may cause difficulty for your loved ones.
  1. A Will can be revised anytime as the circumstances in your life may deem fit.
  1. Writing a Will is an invaluable investment that shouldn’t wait.   

 How Do I Write a Will? 

You may choose to receive the assistance of a professional lawyer to draft an accurate and concise Will that leaves no room for error, deliberation of your intentions, or other potential impediments.